Bec Walker

Katie’s Baby Bump – Mermaid Session

I actually am lost for words believe it or not. I absolutely ADORED this Mermaid Session of Katie and her Baby Bump.

If you didn’t know already, I probably spend about a third of my awake time in the sea at every opportunity I can… So imagine my excitement when another ocean lover requests a maternity session in the ocean!!

I am a big believer in the universe working it’s magic in small ways. We didn’t plan around the weather, we didn’t plan around conditions. But as luck would have it, on this very day the ocean conditions couldn’t have been more perfect and probably the best I’ve seen in a very long time… It was totally meant to be.

Katie made this experience SUCH a pleasure. To see her enjoying the ocean in her pregnancy almost full-term was so fulfilling. Like I’d handed her a gift. A huge thank you to Katie for braving the ocean in winter and being an amazing sport. Thank you for wanting to do this session.

I’d love to do more of these type of sessions so if you are thinking about your own mermaid session (family, portrait, maternity – whatever!!!) please get in contact!

B x

Koh Samui Thailand Destination Wedding – Dale & Jo

What an amazing trip down memory lane. Almost a year on and it only feels like yesterday we were on the shores of Koh Samui, Thailand for this amazing destination wedding for Dale & Jo.

I had the amazing honour of traveling to Thailand and spend a week with Dale, Jo and their closest friends and family. It was an amazing experience and I had such a great time in between my photographer duties eating the beautiful food, swimming in waterfalls, shopping at the markets, massages by the pool and just having the experience of exploring a new land.

My first call of duty was an amazing day out on a boat trip the couple had organised for friends and family a few days before their wedding day. It was a day of snorkelling, swimming, island hopping, eating, drinking along with many belly laughs (see for yourself in the blog link below).

Dale & Jo – Koh Samui Boat Trip

Their wedding day was met with a beautiful sunny day and they exchanged vows overlooking the beautiful blue waters in the Gulf of Thailand in a heartfelt relaxed ceremony with loved ones looking on.

When I first found out I was booked for a destination wedding in Thailand the first images that came to mind was newlyweds enjoying each other’s company under the prongs of tropical coconut trees on the beach; but then Koh Sumui took me under her spell; the more I walked the streets the more I felt the urge to capture the authenticity of what Koh Samui had to offer.

And how blessed I was to be able to photograph such a down to earth couple like Dale & Jo who pretty much let me do as I pleased. Amazing wedding followed by an amazing reception (can I just say it’s probably the first time in my whole life I actually couldn’t drink another Cosmo, seriously cocktails galore over there!!!!).

Dale & Jo, thank you for allowing me the privilege of capturing this amazing day for you. And a HUGE happy one year anniversary coming up from me. I love you guys! B x

PS. If anyone is heading overseas for their wedding and looking for a photographer – HOLLA!!!!!! #specialpriceforyou 😉

Dale & Jo – Koh Samui Boat Trip

I love the fact that Dale & Jo left their wedding until the end of the trip. Instead of rushing around for a wedding; all guests (and maybe a certain photographer) had a few days to settle in, relax and soak up everything Koh Samui had on offer which included a boat trip Dale & Jo had organised for all their guests. It was amazing day spent in and on the waters of Koh Samui and all her surrounding islands had on offer.

Snorkelling, swimming, island hopping, eating, drinking along with many belly laughs. It will be a beautiful day that will be long remembered.

Just a perfect teaser for the lead up to their big wedding day and great experience for me to play with my camera in the water. There were so many photos from this gorgeous day but here are just a few.

So, now that I actually managed a blog this can only mean I absolutely HAVE to blog their wedding right?? Hehe, stay tuned! #slackblogger


Keong Family – Sunrise Session

Meet the beautiful Keong family of 3 (plus one furry child) who battled the alarm clock to meet me on the beach at 4.30am for a sunrise session. Boy did it pay off! Such an amazing time of the day and to share it doing something I love (capturing little stolen moments), I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day ♄

We started with a lovely stroll on the beach and finished up with a little swim in the sea. Exactly how summer mornings should be spent. So blessed to call this beautiful location our home.

Thank you Keong Family for your awesomeness and a gorgeous morning full of smiles ♄



Holly & Ardin – Breastfeeding Session

Meet the beautiful mother to 3 Holly, and her youngest bubba Ardin. In honour of International Women’s Day I thought a breastfeeding session would be the perfect session to blog 🙂

Ardin is the youngest of 3 beautiful children and is almost 2.5 years old here. His big sister is 6 and his older brother is 9. Holly has breastfed all her children in a similar fashion and has nearly breastfed for almost 9 years!! Just amazing!

Did you know the average age of weaning breastfed children worldwide is 4.2 years?

Having breastfed myself I remember clearly how sad I felt when the time had come to wean. It is such a beautiful natural bond and it made me sad to know it would be no longer.

I love the idea of capturing this beautiful time for Mums before this time comes to an end. I absolutely loved this session ♄

If you’ve given birth in the last 7 years, chances are you may even recognise Holly, she has been a midwife now for almost 7 years. I couldn’t think of a better role model for this type of session.

Holly thank you so much for letting me capture such a beautiful time in your life. Little Ardin and his brother and sister most definatley have a supermum! ♄