A 365 Instagram Challenge :: Document Your Days

So this year I decided to take up a 365 Instagram challenge {document your days} with My Four Hens Photography #m4hdod #m4hp365 #sunshinephotographyaustraliam4hp365 {enough hash tags for y’all?}.

Those who follow me on Facebook know I already participate in a 52 Week Photo Challenge each year. Some of my all time favourite photos are a result of this project which is the reason I keep up the challenge each and every year.

So what’s the diff you ask?

Firstly the 52 Week Challenge is that… A photo a week for every week of the year, AND it can be taken with my big girl camera! The 365 Challenge is phone only which I’m finding is a challenge in itself really AND it’s EVERY day of the year. Sounds easy right? I’ve actually been finding it hard!

When you are used to your big girl camera making everything look so pretty for you, using just the iPhone takes a little bit more creativity. Luckily there are lots of additional apps and filters that can be applied to turn a boring iPhone photo into something a little more interesting. It’s a little window into my personal life without my big girl camera. Every day moments. Every day mundane things we usually overlook turned into a visual diary.

Don’t know what Instagram is?

Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever !

So far I’ve kept up with the challenge. With so many other people taking part all over the world, it’s great to see diversity in the way we all live. Here’s a snapshot of January images. To view better head over to Instagram.

Come on over and find me at @sunshinephotographyaustralia 🙂

On a final note… the real struggle is to decide whether to keep the squares, rectangles or a mix. Anyone else as fussy as me and can’t mix them up? :p