Dale & Jo – Koh Samui Boat Trip

I love the fact that Dale & Jo left their wedding until the end of the trip. Instead of rushing around for a wedding; all guests (and maybe a certain photographer) had a few days to settle in, relax and soak up everything Koh Samui had on offer which included a boat trip Dale & Jo had organised for all their guests. It was amazing day spent in and on the waters of Koh Samui and all her surrounding islands had on offer.

Snorkelling, swimming, island hopping, eating, drinking along with many belly laughs. It will be a beautiful day that will be long remembered.

Just a perfect teaser for the lead up to their big wedding day and great experience for me to play with my camera in the water. There were so many photos from this gorgeous day but here are just a few.

So, now that I actually managed a blog this can only mean I absolutely HAVE to blog their wedding right?? Hehe, stay tuned! #slackblogger