Female Longboard Skate Crew needs your help!

If you’ve followed my on my social media you will know that I recently joined a female longboard skate group.

After discovering that dropping in on a ramp triggered my sciatica I was absolutely bummed as I had been putting in so many hours into learning how to skate at a skate park. Enter Female Longboard Skate Crew.

I went along to the first meet up and knew no-one but now, they are my little Friday fam and I absolutely love meeting up each week at the end of the week to forget about all my troubles and just do what I love with great ppl.

Enter the fun police. Haha, not really. But authorities intervened due to the fact that the track we love so much was actually made for cyclists (and I just need to point out that we have seen less than 5 in all the time we’ve skated there).

And so we tried our best to find other locations but they just weren’t the same.

And so, we are asking for council to allocate a time slot at our favourite spot so we can get back to doing what we love in a safe format.

We have support from both Skate Australia Inc and Skate Queensland, Aus Cycling and the Sunshine Coast Cycling Club. Now we just need yours (pretty please).

If you would be ever so kind to head to our petition and sign it we would be forever grateful.

Click the image below to head to the petition

Much love!
Bec xo