Allen Family :: Pot of Gold

It’s true.. there is a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow! Meet the gorgeous Allen Family 🙂

Well, what an afternoon! I dropped my little boy off at his sitters and was eyeing off the dark ominous clouds as I drove off. I couldn’t cancel now… My little family had been driving for 2 hours and were almost at our meeting point! As I pulled in I received a text from my sitter… ‘it’s hailing at our place’. I can’t post my reply here but it may, or may not have rhymed with the work ‘duck’.

After a little chat on whether to relocate our session and try to drive west or further north (without wasting too much time as the afternoon was getting on), my brave little family decided to risk it!

And boy did their risk pay off. We didn’t get the hail, just a few spots of rain that we had to wait out in the car and once it left we were rewarded with THAT rainbow! Magic.

I have a love/hate relationship with stormy weather (we all know how much I love my stormy skies). But most of the time Mother Nature always delivers the goods in the end!

Thank you Allen family for your persistence 🙂 x