Charlotte’s Baby Bump

Meet Charlotte and her gorgeous Baby Bump. The beautiful Sunshine Coast spoils us for location! Spoilt for choice for fauna and beach, all within reach of each other.

We knew the forecast said showers but Charlotte was visiting from New Zealand and with limited time before having to hop back on a plane; this day was the day to shoot. Rain, hail or shine.

As I drove down, light rain sprinkled my windscreen and my heart sank a little knowing there was a good chance the sunrise would be hidden by cloud. But hey, it will be moody and beautiful I told myself. I turned my favourite tunes up loud and thought about how I could play with the moody light Mother Nature had gifted us with that morning.

We met at the beach and the light sprinkle had since disappeared and the pink glow of the sun started to peer out ever so slightly. Enough for me to be excited. Enough light to satisfy the yearn that every photographer looks for on location. And as every client know that has had a session with me; I go a bit light crazy when it hits, I get pretty excited. haha.

By the time we reached the fauna the golden light was well and truly out.

I LOVED the variety in this session.

Charlotte was an absolute natural and the camera adored her! Charlotte has since given birth to a little baby girl and doing well with her little family.

Thank you Charlotte for giving me the privilege to capture your gorgeous bump.

You are just stunning!

B x